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Bring innovation to China, and China to the world.

Yang Brothers is a technology services, management consulting, and investment advisory company delivering solutions for public and private clients worldwide. It was founded upon core principles of Innovation, Client Focus, Team work and Commitment to Excellence.

Yang Brothers

Headquartered in Hong Kong with R&D centers in China, Yang Brothers is uniquely placed because it is a pan-national group of highly skilled professionals and industry leaders of many nationalities. It brings the best of East and West together, and bridges technology and business in ways few other companies have. It is multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and multi-disciplined, reflecting the world of the 21st century.

Yang Brothers ultimate goal is to help our customers grow - not just short-term profitability but most importantly achieve long-term sustained competitive advantage. Yang Brothers unique skill sets, dynamic capability and global reach enable us to bring to our clients:

Yang Brothers will be focusing on solutions that transform business and life via innovation, especially in the extraordinarily exciting areas of mobile financial services and cloud computing, to help people all over Asia take advantage of new disruptive technologies that they can access.

With strong leadership provided by ex Sun, Oracle, Accenture, Apple, and IBM senior executives, and proven track records with major clients such as HSBC, JPMC, UBS, New York Life, Pingan, ICBC, Cathay Pacific, China Mobile, Huawei, Siemens, DuPont, Bayer Pharmaceutical etc in over 20 countries, Yang Brothers is extremely agile and capable and its aim is to lead the way; not follow.

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