Yang Brothers Outsourcing

In the age of globalization and China growth, we commoditize application development by providing rapid on demand delivery capability, exploring arbitrage and economies of scales via our R&D centers in China, and in the process reducing your cost by as much as 50%.

We provide on site, near shore, and off shore development capability supporting T&M, fixed price, ODC and BOT, and round the clock multi-shift resources for global coverage. The timezone overlap between China, America and Europe allows daily real time communication with our clients.

The globalization has resulted in a dynamic new breed of programmers over the past ten years. Our development teams in China R&D centers are:

Young, Passionate and Experienced:



We enforce formal development methodology based on RUP and agile, and leverage best practices in architecture, design, coding, test, integration, QA and configuration management to ensure delivery quality. Strict information security policies are in place to protect IP including sensitive data, and has undergone a complete security audit conforming to top FSI client standards . And with proven track records with major clients such as HSBC, JPMC, UBS, New York Life, Pingan, ICBC, Cathay Pacific, China Mobile, Huawei etc, you can rest assured that your IT projects are on target, on time, and within budget.

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