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Yang Brothers is a technology services, management consulting, and investment advisory company delivering solutions for public and private clients worldwide.
About us

Headquartered in Hong Kong with R&D centers in China, Yang Brothers is uniquely placed because it is a pan-national group of highly skilled professionals and industry leaders of many nationalities. It brings the best of East and West together, and bridges technology and business in ways few other companies have. It is multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and multi-disciplined, reflecting the world of the 21st century.

With strong leadership provided by ex Sun, Oracle, Accenture, Apple, and IBM senior executives, and proven track records with major clients such as HSBC, JPMC, UBS, New York Life, Pingan, ICBC, Cathay Pacific, China Mobile, Huawei, Siemens, DuPont, Bayer Pharmaceutical etc in over 20 countries, Yang Brothers is extremely agile and capable and its aim is to lead the way; not follow.

Yang Brothers will be focusing on solutions that transform business and life via innovation, especially in the extraordinarily exciting areas of mobile financial services, blockchain, and cloud computing, to help people all over the world take advantage of new disruptive technologies that they can access.

Yang Brothers ultimate goal is to help our customers grow - not just short-term profitability but most importantly achieve long-term sustained competitive advantage. Yang Brothers unique skill sets, dynamic capability and global reach enable us to bring to our clients:

  • - holistic and innovative solutions tailored to their individual needs
  • - global experiences with local insight
  • - breadth and depth of expertise across most industries
  • - world-leading practitioners
  • - best industry practices



Yang Brothers service offerings consist of three business lines: technology services, management consulting, and investment advisory. Each addresses different needs and challenges an organisation faces. When combined together, these three core business areas represent a truly integrated total service solution for our clients.

Technology Services

Architecture Consulting, Application Development, System Integration, Cloud and Data Center, Big data and Blockchain.

As enterprises strive to grow and cut cost, technology services play a key role in realizing those goals. To grow, blue ocean market must be addressed via mobile channel. To reduce cost, capital expenditure must be turned into operating expense via cloud computing. To best serve customers and monetize on opportunities, innovations must be aligned with business priorities.

In the age of turbulence, globalization and China growth, Yang Brothers commoditize best practices and application development, and explore arbitrage and economies of scales via our R&D centers in China. We offer the following portfolio of technology services:

  1. Outsourcing

    On site, Near shore, and Off shore on demand Development Capability supporting T&M, Fixed price, ODC and BOT.

  2. Big Data

    Architecture, platform, development, integration, analytics, training.

  3. Blockchain

    Strategy, use cases, architecture, devops, integration, training.

Management Consulting

Deliver both top line and bottom line benefits for our clients

Management consulting is an integral part of our service offerings at Yang Brothers. We believe that a firm’s success is based upon an integration of people, business and technology resources and sustained competitive advantages arise from the synergistic combination of these resources and capabilities.

Yang Brothers’ management consulting service spans a wide range of industries with an aim of delivering both top line and bottom line benefits for our clients. Our ability to add value comes from our past successful track record of designing and implementing best management practices for all types of customers in all parts of the world.

We offer the following portfolio of management consulting services:

  • - Corporate strategy
  • - Marketing and sales strategy
  • - Corporate finance
  • - Operational strategy
  • - Organisational change management
  • - Six Sigma/process improvement
  • - Lean manufacturing
  • - Quality management systems
  • - Risk analysis and management

Customers benefit from our vast network of global thought leaders and access to specific industry insight acquired from the Yang Brothers group platform. Overall, we want to play an essential role in helping our clients understand where to play and how to win in today’s turbulent market.

Investment Advisory

Provide investment related value-add to our clients

Investment Advisory is the third cornerstone of Yang Brothers’ service offering. It complements the other two lines of business by providing investment related value-add to our clients.

Our investment advisory service focuses on two primary areas: fund raising advisory and merger and acquisition advisory. We also assist clients in other related areas in which the firm has significant expertise.

In terms of fund raising, we assist the clients in identifying potential investors, preparing business plans and marketing materials, coaching and executing marketing strategy. In terms of merger and acquisitions, we help buy side and sell side clients with deal sourcing, investor selection and recommendation, deal valuation, financial structure and contract negotiation.

Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with a broad range of investors including private equity firms, investment banks, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, university endowments and funds of funds. On the buy side, we maintain a strong pipeline of potential M&A deals through our existing relationships with industry partners.


The State of Enterprise IT is of great concern. It is estimated that 80% of software development is either late or over budget. Worse still, there are usually numerous architectures and platforms in an enterprise, and much duplication of effort across different IT groups, make it extremely challenging to keep up with business demands and market dynamics within acceptable costs.
Connect the dots, create value, change the status quo. Yang Brothers solutions help our customers fundamentally improve the way they build IT solutions, accelerate time to market, and reduce cost.

Supply Chain Finance

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Maritime technolgy
Digital ocean economy.

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Blockchain Health Record
Your data, your health, your life.

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Digital Insurer

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Disruptive Technology

The Stack

Our People

With strong Leadership provided by ex Sun, Oracle, Accenture, Apple and IBM senior executives, and quality services enabled by our passionate and competent teams with extensive international experiences, our people bring exceptional value to our clients around the globe.

Nan Yang Nan Yang

Nan Yang is a leading technologist who has worked in over 20 countries aligning IT to business strategy and delivering enterprise-ready software solutions for major clients in Banking, Insurance, Telco, Healthcare, and Governments around the world. He is also an entrepreneur focused on bringing innovation to China.

As former leader for Oracle Enterprise Architecture, Nan provided technical leadership for SOA, cloud, big data, mobility, software engineering and Java. He was the SVP for global engineering and General Manager for China at Navagate Inc, a global sales force automation solution provider. Previously, Nan was global CTO and Chief Architect for Insurance Industry and Mobile Financial Services at Sun Microsystems, and a member of the global FSI management team responsible for driving multi $B annual revenue. Before joining Sun, he was a senior architect with CSC, a global business and technology consultancy, where he pioneered Smart Airport RFID solution and self-service kiosk. Nan holds an MSc in Computing Science from University of Auckland.

Tan Yang Dr. Tan Yang
Chief Executive Officer

Tan has more than 15 years’ experiences in general management, operations, strategy, and investment across Asia Pacific and Europe. Tan led and successfully completed one of the largest Chinese outbound pharmaceutical acquisitions in the UK with a deal size of US$1.2billion, and was responsible for the China business of Jacob Rothschild Creat Partners, a US$750million private equity fund co-founded with Lord Jacob Rothschild focusing on outbound investment across a wide range of industries in Europe and U.S. Prior to Creat, he worked for Monitor Group and Accenture in London as management consultant and Siemens in Australia/New Zealand as Corporate Quality Manager and Six Sigma Black Belt. Tan started out his career at Sinotrans, one of the largest shipping companies in China before a two-year stint in the Fiji Island as General Manager of one of the largest retail chains there.

Tan holds a PhD in Management Studies from Oxford University. He is currently Honorary Advisor on China for Oxford University and a member of Oxford China Advisory Group.

Greg Shea Greg Shea

Greg has over 20 years of Asia and China business experience in IT and TMT industries. He excels at business strategies, leveraging network in business, government, finance and media to hedge risk and maximize success. Greg was the President of BlackBerry China, President and MD of USITO, and Regional Director for Government Industry Sales at Sun Microsystems.

Jade Ellis Jade Ellis
Vice President, Americas

Jade has over 20 years experience in IT implementations, management consulting, and real estate and green building. As an experienced manager, analyst, and cross-cultural business advisor, Mr. Ellis has been sought after to bring Asian and Western investors, businesses, and technologies together.

He has been an assistant vice president helping manage the $30B structured finance department at Countrywide (now part of Bank of America), which was the largest U.S. mortgage lender during the housing bubble, and has worked for Golden Bridge Merchant Bank of HK in the clean-tech area. Mr. Ellis has also helped start and grow multiple consulting firms in strategy, operations, and IT after starting his career at Accenture Consulting in the financial services area. Executive MBA from Oxford, MPIA from UCSD in Comparative economics graduating with high honors, and a BA in Economics and business from UCLA as a Regents Scholar.

Frank Lau Frank Lau
Chief Technology Officer

Frank is a technology professional with 25 years of IT experience, mostly with Sun Microsystems and Oracle. Frank was the Greater China Chief Architect for Professional Services at Sun Microsystems, covering key clients spanning across finance, telco, and education sectors. He is an expert in Access Management/BPM/Middleware solutions, and blockchain technology.

Frank is a graduate of UC Berkeley and Santa Clara University with Master Degree in Computer Engineering.

Jay Elliot Jay Elliot

Jay is currently the Founder and CEO of Nuvel,Inc. an internet acceleration software company. He also is the author of the worldwide best selling book, The Steve Jobs Way. Prior to Nuvel he was the Founder and Chairman of Migo Software, Inc. a mobility software company. Mr. Elliot has more than 30 years operations experience with such corporate giants as IBM, Intel and Apple Computer.

He served as the Senior Vice President of Apple Computer responsible for all corporate operations plus overall corporate business planning reporting directly to Steve Jobs, Chairman of the Board, CEO, and co-founder of Apple. He was a member of the Macintosh Development team and oversaw the software development of Macintosh. During his tenure at Apple sales grew from $150 million to more than $3 billion.

After graduating from college, Mr. Elliot joined IBM as a programmer working on the airline reservation system and moved into management in several key projects in the Disk drive development business, development of the ATM system, the Fair Transaction System and eventually managed the company 16,000-employee software division. In 1980 he called Andy Grove and joined Intel as the Director of the California operations. He also worked with Gordon Moore, chairman of Intel, in the creation of the Intel Foundation.

In addition to his vast technology background, Elliot has extensive experience in both the entertainment and healthcare industries. While at Apple he created Apple TV and internal employee TV communication system. He served as the chief executive officer of San Francisco Studios, where he produced the Academy Award nominated documentary, Berkeley in the Sixties, and the NBC television series, Midnight Caller. In the healthcare industry, Elliot was the CEO of New Health Systems, a network technology group connecting physicians and payers to patients and affiliated hospitals.

David Piesse David Piesse

David has over 30 years experience in the insurance industry and has combined insurance, information technology and disaster risk management into a lifelong career. He is a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute and a Chartered Practitioner of the British Computer Society, and is currently the Ambassador Chairman for the International Insurance Society (IIS).

He started his underwriting career at Lloyds of London and worked in the insurance industry in North America and Europe for 10 years before joining the United Nations as a risk management consultant. At UN he was involved in missions covering many countries on all continents. Some of the work involved reinsurance reporting, microfinance, natural disaster risk management, earth sciences and management information analytics. Settling in Asia Pacific region permanently Mr. Piesse worked in the Chinese insurance industry for several years before taking the position of Global Head of Sun Microsystems based in Hong Kong. In this role he created the blueprint for the insurance company of the future and headed up both the microfinance program and the Islamic finance program.

Simon Handelsman Dr. Simon Handlesman

Dr. Simon Handelsman is an international minerals development engineer and advisor with global experience of the extractive industries, advising industry, governments and their state enterprises. He is an acute strategist with broad-based operations and management experience who incorporates technology modeling and international savvy in economic and social development. He was a guest lecturer at both New York University and Columbia University. Simon is an adjunct professor in the mining department at UBC. He is the author of numerous technical publications and conference papers. His recent assignments include financial transaction advisor for the international tenders of world class copper and iron ore deposits. Other advisory work includes business development/negotiation, internal analysis, technical due diligence and review of development projects.

Africa Next


Africa, humanity's beautiful cradle, a "Take Two" on China's billion person rise. Not merely a developing economy, but a re-emergent civilization. Reshaping the world again, though faster: Africa will soon surpass China in total population, and within one generation have three times its youth population.

Just as China's youth spearheaded its transformation from techno backwater to Cyber power house, so will Africa's young techpreuers lead the transformation of Africa.

China’s rise was spearheaded by young “techpreneurs” transforming their country from an informatics wasteland of a few miles of copper wire linking old analogue devices, to a burgeoning Internet powerhouse.

Today, Africa's youth have at there disposal even more transformative and accessible technologies than did the Chinese in the early days of dot com. Cloud, IoT, Big Data, the open source revolution. Applying these tools in innovative new models that meet real pain points, as MPesa has helped "bank the the unbanked", will make possible opportunities that can shapeshift Africa and the world.

This potential will not be realized without much effort. Yang Brothers looks to catalyse this process through applying the Yang Brothers vision of Connect, Create, Change.


Africa clearly has enormous untapped potential. Africa also faces a range of political, economic and social challenges to realizing that potential. Above all the private sector needs to lead the way in promoting African entrepreneurship as the only effective means of overcoming the systemic barriers to progress that other regional initiatives based on more traditional relationships and organizational models, have hitherto relied upon. These are, on their own, not going to enable Africa to break through. To achieve this breakthrough in promoting Entrepreneurship, the private sector needs to play the leading role.

Our mission is to promote the development of African entrepreneurship to power the re-emergence of Africa as a leading global economy.

  • - Tech zones: promotion of Pan African industrial and entrepreneurship zones, including cooperation with existing technology focused zones such as iHub in Nairobi, as well as EthioICT in Addis Ababa, and similar zones in other leading centers that promote the development of tech products and services that improve productivity and skills, as well as create jobs and improve living standards.
  • - Capacity building: including training in technology, entrepreneurship, and industry policy development.
  • - Investment: sourcing, due diligence, co-investment, and investment platform development.
  • - JV to launch Africa Centered businesses. Work towards the establishment of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) to address opportunities in a range of business sectors. These SPVs would normally be majority African owned (controlled) and focus on building entrepreneurial and technical capacity in African and with Africans.
  • - Establishment of Pan African Entrepreneurship Platform (PEP).

Pan African Entrepreneurship Program (PEP)

PEP will be the focal point of Entrepreneurship Promotion in Africa. It will bring together public, academic, media, and private sector initiatives. It will foster PPPs, Public Private Partnerships, that all work towards the common goal of achieving the Africa Leap Frog and economic breakthrough, through the realization of a Pan African consciousness and approach to entrepreneurship.

PEP partnerships and initiatives will include top down (Government initiated/supported) and bottom up (Private and education sector). The PEP will act as the hub and flash point, bringing together leaders across sectors to share experiences and experiment and create new approaches, to shed positive attention both from government as well as media and market analysts, recognize and reward achievements, and finally provide new modalities for the funding and acceleration of development of African companies. PEP initiatives, PEP talks, PEP awards, and ultimately PEP Fund and PEP Enterprises. The partnerships would be drawn from four areas (with some further description attached below this note) Government, Industry, Finance, Education. A PEP Advisory board with leaders from each of these domains would guide us.

Four Categories of PEP Partners

1. PEP Government Patrons
First and foremost to most effectively leverage the support of Government leaders in leading African economies, with initial focus on East African synergies (Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia), as well as key players/innovation flash points in other regions (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Egypt). This could include collaborations with regional and sub regional bodies, as well as national ICT and Industry development agencies.

2. PEP Co-promotion Partners
These include primarily Existing Tech Zones, Incubators and African Entrepreneurship Programs. Some existing initiatives that we can partner with, or at least could learn from include:

  • - Kenya: iHub, M-lab and GearBox in Nairobi
  • - Addis: EthioICT Park
  • - Nigeria: Tony Elumelu Foundation Enterpreneurship Program
  • - Cameroon: AfriLabs (network of African Incubators, and related VC4A fund)
  • - Uganda: East Africa ICT Entrepreneurship Program in Havos

3. PEP Financial partners
This includes the range of funds and promotion programs for entrepreneurs:

  • - Global tech companies Africa offices (most in Nairobi), Google, IBM, GE, Microsoft
  • - African Funds and Foundations (Tony Elumelu in Nigeria, Dangote Foundation)a,/li>
  • - Global Funds and ew Foundationsa,/li>
  • - Chinese funds focused on Africa. (Asia Infrastructure Development (AIDB), China ExIM Bank, and a recently announced investment fund to promote Chinese electronics and other manufacturers market entry in China).

4. PEP Education and Training Partners
Training/Capacity building in both the business and technology skill aspects vital to entrepreneurship

  • - African Leadership University
  • - Open Source and Linux Institute, Java Development Framework
  • - Chinese Cyber University, related China funded education
  • - Leading Global institutes, (eg Aspen Institute, CIGI (Center for International Governance Innovation)

Yang Brothers International

As a “Change Agent” bridging West, East and Africa , Yang Brothers International will combine the Technology Development, Advisory and Investment resources of Yang Brothers, with a select group of strategic investors from Asia, Africa and America, to realize our vision and fulfil our mission in Africa, and develop a leading platform to catalyse change and accelerate business in these areas:

  • - West TM - Tech & Management: Tech in Breakthrough Innovation + best practices
  • - East TM - Tech & Money: Tech in Adaptive Innovation + Investment Capital
  • - Africa TM - Talent & Market. People + African markets

With its root in technology innovation, Yang Brothers International are engaging in the following activities in Africa:

  • - Software: Software Development and Software integration, including bridging outsource operation between China &Africa for competitive advantage to serve markets worldwide.
  • - Systems: Market entry for producers seeking new markets andefficiencies, as well as connecting HW startups in Africa with manufacturing and supply chain partners in China.
  • - Services: Market entry for Internet based service providers, as well as Training/capacity development, especially in the area of Information and Communications Technologies.

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